Photo’s By Richard Stewart, part 1

Photo’s By Richard Stewart, part 1

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  1. Please! The grammar nazi in me is cringing!!! No apostrophe s on “Photos”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gillian Kirk May 28, 2014 at 11:13 am #
  2. What wonderful photos, what a fantastic way to promote the Tri-Cities, what a terrific sense of humour you all have, what a great way to compare gasoline prices across most of Canada and what a fabulous time of year to witness Niagara Falls at its finest! ………oh yes, almost forgot……..and what a perfect way to find out how the 3 of you will be getting along by the end of this trip….

    2 Brilliant Media Ideas:

    1) Just a suggestion: In order to bring more media attention, once you arrive in Niagara Falls, why not go all out and do a Nik Wallenda do-over by walking across the Falls on a high wire! You could all draw straws! The short straw recipient could be the one walking across the Falls while the other 2 can hold either end of the high wire in order to steady it……2 of you will need your passports though……… 🙂

    2) Visit this place! 🙂 We went through it and at a certain point, a photo is taken of you as we were “rather startled”….they are for sale at the end and they will only sell it to whomever is in the photo!

    Say Hello to my father (a snowbird) who is 88 and lives in Niagara Falls during the spring/summer

    One of your biggest fans but living in New West 🙂

    Dawn Rutledge-Brennen May 29, 2014 at 5:04 am #

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